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The Law of Attraction

I was just reflecting on Monday night where I held my first Meet Up group at my office. We were discussing the Law of Attraction and the other laws that surround it. It was really clear to me that people truly misunderstand what the Law of Attraction is and the vital role that it plays in their existence.

We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. We are made up of energy and actually vibrate at a certain frequency in which the Universe responds. Our vibratory state dictates the reality we experience which is sometimes unwanted manifestation. Many of us, regardless of religious background, have learned to pray for what we want and that if you ask, it is given. But many of us experience that what we pray for is not given and it feels like we are being punished in some way or that we are not deserving. This couldn't be further from the truth.

It must first be understood that the Universe, Source, Creator, God is always conspiring in your favor, without exception, and it holds for you everything that you have ever desired. However, we have learned that the Universe hears our words but this is a false premise. The Universe does not hear our words it hears, or more like feels, the true energy behind our words. For example, you may need extra money to pay the bills, so you call out to the Universe asking for more money because you don't have enough. If the underlying premise or energy is, "I don't have enough", then that is what the universe picks up which is why you often do not see the abundance you seek. So your words are asking for abundance but your energy is saying I don’t have enough. This is called a lack mentality which is very prevalent in our society due to social conditioning and programming. But with a change in perspective we can start to reprogram our minds to serve us better.

The Universe is like a mirror that reflects back to you in your reality, with people and circumstances, the thoughts and emotions that are most active in your vibration. This is where you are creating your own reality. You are choosing every moment with your thoughts and emotions what your reality will look like. In the case of a lack mentality you are focusing on the negative rather than the positive, bringing to yourself more of what you don't want.

Since the Universe is like a mirror and only sees the emotional picture you give it, it is like you are creating your reality in advance. So why not create the reality you really want rather than focusing on the reality that is unwanted? This is not taking away your commitments or responsibility to anything or anyone. You are just being more cognitive as to how you feel and where you are focusing your attention.

Here is an analogy that might help you understand better how the Law of Attraction works. Imagine a film projector, a reel of film and a movie screen. The film projector is the Universe, the film reel is your personal movie in which you are the director and the movie screen is your actual reality. When you turn on the projector and you see the life movie you created projected on the screen, do you like what you see? If you do, congratulations! If you don't, it's time for a new screenplay and some lessons in directing your own life. It sounds backwards but you actually create what you desire internally first before it manifests in your reality much like the film had to be created before it could be projected onto the screen. This is why you want to get out of default mode because in this mode you are taking whatever life gives you rather than being deliberate and creating the life you desire.

Always know that the Universe supports you and when you ask, it is given but it is given on the basis of your true vibration - what is happening on the inside and not your words. So it's not that your prayers aren't being answered. Your words are simply not lining up with your true emotions about a certain matter or person. When your words are in sync with how you truly feel on the inside, your prayers can be answered.

It takes practice to understand these concepts and to apply them fully in your reality. So be easy on yourself about it. You have spent a lifetime being conditioned and socialized in a way that has been limiting and repressive. It only stands to reason that it may take some time to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. But once you start to manifest the things you truly desire, you will progressively switch from default mode into a deliberate Creator and once you do that you will never go back.

The contrast we experience in life is the catalyst to all growth and expansion individually and collectively. It is a part of our life journey that will continue to mold us into the best version of ourselves and create a world we all truly desire.


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