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"Not only does JC have an intuitive gift, she is a kind and compassionate woman."

Judy H | Stratford, ON

"I cannot express how much I truly believe that JC's gift is able to help people, to heal them. I would 100% recommend her; she is truly one of a kind. She is someone I am very very grateful that I have met and got the opportunity to spend some time with. I will never forget my experience with JC. I will cherish her messages and healing forever. ."

~ Savanna Platt | Peterborough, ON


"JC was very helpful and calming. Words cannot express enough how much JC helped me."

Cameron I | Waterloo, ON


"JC is an absolute marvel…Really, really fantastic experience."

~ Kim Sargent | Peterborough, ON

"Meeting with JC was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I recently lost my father and she remarkably helped me to reconnect with him and let me know he is okay. I will never forget a word she told me. JC helped me stay close with my relatives on the other side. She taught me a lot about spirituality and what is really out there. JC is very talented at what she does and it is worth every penny to get a reading from her."

~Summer Platt, Peterborough

"JC showed me that I am more than worthy of having what I want and that I am capable of getting it on my own."

~ Sarah Dobbin | Lakefield, ON

"The time I spent with JC was emotionally cleansing and spiritually healing. "

~ Ashley G | Thamesford, ON


"I am forever grateful and for anyone looking for spiritual healing I strongly recommend you visit her without delay. She helped me to change my thinking and it has changed my life."

~ Bella S | Stratford, ON


"I enjoyed my time with JC. She touched on a subject that I needed to talk to someone about. It felt freeing to get it out in the open and to begin healing."

~ Jessica. Ohio, US


"I really enjoyed my reading! Everything JC told me was true. She is a very nice woman and I would love to get a reading from her again."

~Amanda Striegle, Wayland Michigan

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