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If it weren't for the arts, I don't now where I would be. My whole life I have always been involved in the arts in someway but usually as more of a hobby. I came to realize that putting my true passion second in my life no longer made any sense. Singing, especially, is where my heart is and through that I have found other creative outlets that allow me to express myself fully and authentically.



I believe that music has the ability to build confidence and mend hearts. My journey in music started from a very young age, when I started singing in a church choir where my Dad was the organist and choir director. Over the years, I have honed my skills through private classical vocal training and performing as a soloist in various venues. I have sung in various bands, choral groups and musical theatre. My passion lies in writing and singing my own songs, which I believe reflects my spiritual journey of healing and growth.



For me, art has always been a powerful tool for peace and relaxation. Since I was a kid, I’ve been using art to express myself and to alleviate stress and anxiety. I took art in high school and later in college where I studied Graphic Design Production. I have learned that everybody has the ability to tap into their inner creativity in a myriad of ways and embrace themselves in a healthy way.



New to my creative repetoire is acting. Acting is something I always aspired to and would use to enhance my singing performance. So many audition notices came my way and I finally acted on it and auditioned for the musical production, Fiddler On The Roof, through the Peterborough Theatre Guild. It was the best decision I ever made and is already opening doors to other opportunities including film!



As an intuitive reader, my mission is to help others discover their inner peace and true purpose and passion. I have been sharing my spiritual gift and knowledge with the community and online since 2014. My journey as an In-Home Personal Fitness Trainer led me to discover that many of my clients needed more than just a workout program. They needed a holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual awareness. So I am here to help people, not only find the answers they seek, but to tap into their intuitive nature and discover their true potential and new possibilities in life.


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