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The Intuitive Part

I have been sharing my extra sensory abilities and knowledge with the community and online since 2014. My days as an In-Home Personal Fitness Trainer is what eventually lead me to become a Spiritual Teacher and Reader. I could see that many of my clients needed more than an exercise program. They needed a mind, body and spirit overhaul. This lead me to look into areas like life coaching but it didn't feel quite right. So I kept searching and it finally lead me to spirituality and metaphysics groups and courses.


I experienced paranormal activity in my life since I was a teen but never did anything about it. Finally, in 2012 I couldn't ignore the visions and things happening around me anymore. I started extensively researching and studying mediumship and metaphysics until I eventually came across a psychic medium in the Toronto area who worked with me in developing these natural skills. It paid off and the next thing you know, I had clients and I never looked back.


The Creative Part

Singing and Songwriting

My singing and artist abilities are something that was handed down to me from my parents. I have been singing in choirs since before I could even read. I have taken private vocal lessons throughout the years and have performed as a vocal soloist in church, weddings, local bands and musical theatre. I write and sing all my own music and enjoy it immensely. 


I have been sketching and painting since I was a kid. I took art in highschool and in college where I was an honour student in the graphic design production program. My favourite medium is acrylic and my favourite thing to paint is nature.


I am a free-form artist. Meaning, I don't follow the 'rules' as much as I follow my intuition. For example, I don't worry if the notes or words I choose for my songs are technically correct or if I'm painting a tree, I don't worry if I'm laying down the colours right. I just do it in the way that comes most naturally and intuitively to me. It's my own unique expression and I have learned to embrace it. This is what I teach my clients. You don't have to have technical skills. Just a passion, openness and willingness to let out your creativeness, your beautiful and unique expression. 

Intuition + Creativity

Everyone is intuitive and creative. Everyone. Even if you aren't 'artsy', you are the creator of your own reality which makes you the ultimate creative. I know from personal experience that your intuition is the gateway to your soul, your true essence, and every dream and every answer you seek in life. The only way you can access your intuition is by being in the present moment. The best way to get out of your head and into the present moment is through sheer silence, guided meditation and anything creative such as art, dance and singing. When you can access this part of yourself, magic and healing can happen.


I love what I do and I am very passionate about the people and community I serve. Not just to help them find answers and new perspectives but to become the best version of themselves and to fulfill their true potentials and desires. To empower them and help them find healing for their body, mind and spirit. There is no greater gift than witnessing a client overcome a major obstacle in their life. The smile on their face, the major shift in their energy and overall countenance is absolutely amazing and rewarding!

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