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You Got What You Need! Jump In!

I was hiking at Ferris Park the other day and found myself at my favourite swimming spot. Only thing was I didn't wear my bathing suit. For a brief moment, I thought about skinny dipping but that thought quickly escaped my mind with the amount of campers that were milling about. So I sat on the rocks watching the sun dance on the water while I sweltered. Then I thought, "This is crazy. Just swim in your clothes for heaven's sake! What's the difference if you walk through the park with a wet bathing suit or wet tank top and shorts? None!" So off I dove into the water feeling immediately refreshed and rejuvenated. My clothes were soaked but it kept me nice and cool on my walk back and were almost dry by the time I reached my car. It was a good decision. It reminded me of life. Often, we wait for favorable conditions or for everything to perfect before we take a chance. But sometimes you just got jump in right where you are, as you are, with what you got…because life just doesn’t wait. So jump in and have fun! Cheers everyone!


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