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Stop Hiding and Dare to Fly

I have always felt different. But when I first started out in life I was able to blend in most everywhere. Namely with my family and my friends. But as I started to get older things began to change for me. I was not following the status quo and therefore was not fitting in anymore with my friends who were now having regular careers, getting married, buying their first home and having children. I was starting to go down a very different path but I didn't know it yet. I just felt lost and waffled around for years before I found my calling. Little did I know that I had extrasensory abilities stirring inside me just waiting for the right opportunity to come out. Once they did, I felt right at home with myself and finally found where I belonged BUT it wouldn't be that simple. The past, self doubt and others disapproval would shroud my decision to come out of the closet and live my life openly as an extrasensory and spiritual medium. I lived in a bubble of family and friends who did not believe in or, at the very least, did not understand my extra sensory abilities. I had no support and eventually it would be one of the many things that drove us apart. I began to see that having the love of my family meant very little if I had to forgo who I truly was and what I desired in order to gain their acceptance. I needed some level of understanding and I wasn't receiving it. So I knew I had to make a choice. I finally decided to choose me which, in my case, meant I would eventually lose almost everyone that ever mattered to me…at least initially. This hurt me deeply. The pain and grief I suffered as I walked away from family and friends, and they walked away from me, was the most painful thing that I have ever endured. My spirit was so dampened by this expereince that I found myself back in the proverbial 'closet', hiding. Anyone who differs from societal norms in any way and has to hide in order to be accepted by their family, friends and society, is closet bound. For me, having to hide who I am left me feeling angry, hopeless and powerless. I constantly flirted with the 'closet'. I would come out but not far enough that I couldn't go back in if I felt threatened. Here is what I learned about coming out of the closet. When you finally decide to stop hiding and express your unique and authentic self, you must do it strongly and boldly. Initially, I did it sheepishly which is the worst way to come out of closet. If you have a weak resolve, people will walk all over you and make you feel bad and wrong. Their need to keep you 'the same' will outweigh your need to truly be yourself. It's up to you to counteract that pressure and the only way you can do that is to come out boldly with a strong resolve about who you are, what you want and where you are going. I came to the realization that it was best to have no closet, no walls and no box. None of those things were mine anyway. They were other peoples ways and definitions that I had unknowingly adopted. Instead of hiding, I went deep within and allowed myself to complete the metamorphosis that finally lead to inner peace and self trust. I embraced all my unique qualities, weaknesses, mistakes, gifts and talents, especially being a clairvoyant. If that made me different than everyone else, then so be it. I am proud of this natural ability. I use it to help people see things about themselves and their life that they can't see. I help them tap into their own intuition so they can truly know themselves and make the best decisions for their life. I help people overcome phobias and negative patterns that hold them back. Anyone who thinks this is wrong or weird in any way and does not support me, does not belong in my life. I found this very difficult to accept at first. This is the unfortunate part of stepping boldly into your own truth. You may lose people along the way. When you and your life undergo a metamorphosis you may have to stand alone while your new life starts to unfold and takes on a new form. Have patients as your life transforms from lowly caterpillar to majestic butterfly. When you step out boldly and believe in yourself the right circumstances and people will show up who will love and support you for who you are. There is always room for improvement and knowing when to make adjustments in ones life but it should never be to the detriment of your own authenticity, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Any adjustments you make to accommodate another person(s) should be in tandem with them, meaning you can have them and have yourself at the same time. No one has to give anything up. Anything less than that puts you right back in the closet again. But take heart, it takes time for the butterfly to get use to it's new wings and fly with confidence. Needless to say, stepping out can be scary. That's to be expected. It's okay to do it scared. God didn't make you different so you could hide. God made you different so you would become a trailblazer and pave a new path for like minded people to follow. To provide a safe place for others that you didn't have. 'Closet people', the ones who hide, are very often pioneers of their time, front runners and game changers. Something our world desperately needs in order to facilitate positive changes needed on this planet. So come out of the closet and dare to fly, my friends. It's time. There are people waiting for you on the side lines with open arms. I am one of them. JC


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