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Unlock the answers to life's toughest questions with a reading and healing session. I believe that everyone has the power within themselves to find the answers they seek, which is why I provide the tools and guidance necessary to tap into that inner wisdom. I simply connect with your inner spirit, your intuition, to receive the messages that you are blocking, offering new perspectives that will begin to heal you from the inside out and transform the way you approach life's challenges.

    Sometimes we lose our way in life, relationships, family, work life, creativity and overall purpose. A personal reading can help you tune into your inner being and reveal your true path and reset your compass to overcome barriers and find the true meaning and purpose of your life.

    We have all experienced some form of trauma in our lives that can lead to major anxiety, depression and illness. A personal reading helps to release negativity and energy blocks that are no longer serving you so you can find inner peace and begin to heal spiritually, emotionally and physically.

    Learning to have a healthy relationship with yourself first will lead you to healthy relationships with others, suitable work or business opportunities and therefore begin to yield the money that will suit your desired lifestyle. A personal reading will help you uncover and release the things that hold you back.

    Unchecked emotions are almost always the culprit that lead to disease and illness. A personal reading and healing session will uncover and release those emotional setbacks and traumas and allow emotional and physical healing to begin.

    One of the most misunderstood things in this life is death. It is difficult for us to accept our own immortality and that of loved ones. Learn to come to terms with the natural cycle of birth and death. A personal reading can help you take comfort in being able to connect with deceased loved ones to know that they are in a good place and that they are always with you. 

    Whether you are an artist, musician, innovator or business owner, a personal reading can uncover blocks and barriers that hold you back from your dreams and unlock your creative potential and financial abundance.

The energy fields of the body are the most misunderstood and neglected part of the human body. You are made up of energy as is everything around you. Emotional blocks and trauma experienced throughout one’s entire life span get stuck within these energy fields thus creating illnesses and disease. The most common of these being things like diabetes and cancer. Energy healing assists in clearing these emotional blocks and trauma and restoring the body back to its natural state of health, peace and joy.

The truth is, is that the healer is just the facilitator to the clients healing. The real healer is the client and their openness and willingness to heal. As a 'healer', I raise my vibrational frequency to a high level and then the client’s body will follow suit by raising their energy levels. A higher vibration moves much faster than a low vibration allowing the stuck energy to move and clear within the body. It is the movement and clearing of the energy fields that allows the client to start the healing process whether it is emotional, spiritual, physical or all of the above.

A healing circle is a safe and supportive space where you can come together with like-minded friends and family in collaborative healing. By sharing our stories and experiences, we release our struggles and burdens while we connect with others and find healing within ourselves and each other. Energy readings and healing  are at the core of the group, helping to uncover and release old wounds and beliefs that no longer serve us. Host a Healing Circle today and experience the power of connection and collaborative healing.

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