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Home Health & Healing

Your home is your sacred space. A refuge and place of renewal from the outside world. No one likes to admit when they have lost control of their home. We stuff things in closets, spare bedrooms, basements and the garage. We may even get to the point where we stop having people over because the state of our home has become unbearable and overwhelming. Perhaps you are this person or you know someone like this. The health of your home is essential to your wellbeing. The first step is to acknowledge there is a problem and ask for help.

Part of my spiritual health practice is addressing home health as it promotes inner spiritual health and wellness. It all ties together and works synergistically. Your inner and outer environments are of the utmost importance to your overall wellbeing while you habitat this earth. The following is the basic process of transforming your home into a comfortable and sacred space:

Couch in nature 2.jpg
Couch in nature.jpg

Consultation and Estimate to assist in creating a customized plan for the transformation of a particular space or your entire home.

Sorting, Purging, Organizing and Re-styling your home into a sacred space that gives you peace of mind and reflects your unique style.

Coaching & Guidance to help prioritize daily life and maintain balance and harmony in your home and in your life.

Home Cleansing & Blessing to clear stagnant and negative energies to restore a sense of beauty and well-being.

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