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Spirituality Has Run Amuck

Fire and brimstone
Spirituality has run amuck

Spirituality has run amuck. The individual and collective mind has hijacked it and we must awaken to this fact. Spirituality is the main health system of life but it has become a mental game, a self righteous act, a spiritual fashion show. The mind does not understand spiritual concepts. The mind only believes itself to be spiritual and will lead you to endless healing and meditation practices that feel good in the moment but fall short the minute you step back into reality. The spiritual mind will lead you to another book, another video, another healing therapy that will soon turn into a spiritual crisis. Soon you find yourself in this perpetual healing roller coaster that leaves you feeling frustrated and confused. When this happens, most people will seek out another teacher or another healing method but this is not what you are being asked to do. You are being asked to let go and trust the divine wisdom within that is communicating and guiding you at all times.


We have to understand that there is nothing to find, fix or fight. We all come from a realm of Divine, Infinite Intelligence. In essence, we are all individuations of a Creative Source, of God. Therefore, we are already saved, redeemed, complete, whole and in joy and peace. There is nothing to do except remember who we are, to remember our natural state of being which is of joy, peace and harmony and to allow that to flow into our human experience. To sit in silence and receive it.  To integrate the soul with the human, therefore integrating the heavens with the earth. In other words, coming back into unity and oneness.


The problem in the world today is not a political, economical or social problem, it is a spiritual problem. Currently our world is dictated and controlled by the chaotic mind, individually and collectively. The mind is not designed to make the kinds of critical decisions this world needs to make in order to ensure our survival. We have proven that time and time again. Our history shows us that many civilizations have been wiped off the face of the earth, most often due to that civilization falling out of balance and harmony with itself. That is why we need to reach critical mass with the message of awareness and awakening before time runs out. It is a mistake to think that we have an endless amount of time to come into alignment with each other and this planet. That is why it is critical that we learn to come into alignment with ourselves first.


In order to come into alignment, the search for spiritual truth and meaning must come to an end. As long as we are always seeking and searching we are not at rest. If we are not at rest, then we cannot come into balance and harmony. If we cannot come into balance and harmony then there is no reason for anyone else to follow suit and they will likely follow in the opposite direction. Many acknowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience but who is the spiritual being and why are we so reluctant to look at it? Until we explore and acknowledge the non-physical part of us then we cannot fully awaken. If we cannot awaken, we cannot align with ourselves, let alone each other and the planet.


We identify with ourselves so strongly as physical humans that it makes it very difficult to comprehend ourselves as divine, non-physical beings. Yet at our core, this is our truest essence. If we could identify with this part of ourselves, the elusive search to 'know thyself' and feverishly seeking answers to the 'why' of  life, would end. We would see that we are already fulfilled and enlightened beings but have just forgotten. The current evolutionary shift in consciousness is helping us to remember where we come from, and that Earth is just our temporary home away from our 'heavenly' home. We are homesick. This is the missing piece, the void we so often feel within us that we try to fill in all kinds of human ways, including relationships, religion, spirituality, social media, achievements and addiction, just to name a few.


We are all at different points in our journey and we must respect that in ourselves and each other. Spirituality exists to facilitate our journey of experiences here on earth. We could not be here without it. That's why it is essential to make a connection with your greater self, your Soul, your Spirit. When you connect to the true essence of you, you connect with the Source that created you. You connect with the natural flow of life. All things become clear and simplified. Everything you need flows to you when you operate from this natural space of love, joy and peace. You are no longer in critical judgment of yourself which means you will stop judging others and you will see them as being a part of yourself. When you no longer see yourself as separate but rather part of a unified whole, it will be near impossible  to hurt or deprive others in any way. Spirituality serves as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is here to help us awaken and connect to ourselves, others, Source and to the Earth. When enough people awaken, this awakening will save humanity.



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