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Intuition is the Gateway to Healing

Your body is communicating with you all the time. The aches, pains and anxiety you experience are not a form of punishment. It is your body and soul communicating to you that something needs your attention. It isn’t just telling you that you have a stomach ache or a sore back, it’s telling you that you have emotions or trauma that are stuck in the energy fields of your body that need to be released so you can heal. Unhealed emotions are always, without exception, the underlying factor that lead to the onset of cancer and other illnesses.

Intuition is an immediate, innate and instinctive inner knowing about something. Notice these words start with “in” and this is the key to healing, wisdom and freedom in your life. It is to know that everything you desire from love, health, wealth to healing is ALL inside you. When you look for these things outside of you, you enter into and an ongoing battle that you never seem to win.

Through intuitive readings and energy work you can find clarity in your life and learn how to access the intuitive in you. You will learn how to intuit feelings and quiet your emotions. Feelings are the quiet whispers of wisdom and compassion that belong to the domain of intuition and inner knowing. Emotions are dramatic reactions of  misunderstanding and belong to the domain of the ego and human conditioning. When you start to understand and intuit emotions you can start to heal your body and your life.

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Intuition is the Gateway to Healing


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