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Change The Climate to Achieve the Impossible

If you want to achieve the impossible you have to change the climate. We live in a pressure cooker world and the only way we can turn down the heat is within ourselves first. We are, essentially, a collective temperature gage for this planet. The thing we fail miserably to understand is that we all have created the world we live in by our thoughts and actions of which we are largely unaware. Until we 'go inside' ourselves and make the necessary changes, the pressure cooker world we have created has no other recourse but to explode. We are at a pinnacle point that most are not willing to face. Serious changes need to be made and with due hast. That's why spiritual health, the health of your inner world and how you feel about yourself and the world, is so important. The state of you inner world, determines the state of the world around you. Unfortunately, most of the world lives in a state of fear, panic and desperation pointing at somebody else to fix it.


This is what spiritual readings and healing work help with. They help you go within to discover all the things within you, and me, that muddy our lives and contribute to the heat of this pressure cooker we live in. Fresh new perspectives can be born, relieving the pressures and suffering within us and this beautiful world we call home.


Tree of life in the desert
Change The Climate to Achieve the Impossible

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