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Your intuition is the
gateway to health, wealth and healing.

Everything you desire is within you, waiting for you to turn on the light. ~JC ♥

Intuitive readings, energy healing and coaching can help you find answers and healing in your life. You deserve healing and happiness. You just need to take the first step. I'm here for you when you're ready.


When we share our stories, our triumphs and failures, we can learn so much from each other. 

Music can lift the soul like no other thing can. Writing and singing my music brings such joy.

Art by JC

Healing Through Art

Art is a gateway to the heart and soul. Painting calms my mind and stimulates creativity.

A Spiritual Journey


 Intuitive & Creative Healing & Coaching

Music by JC

Healing Through Song

Sitting at a lake at sunset

Intuition Is The Gateway
To Healing

It's all about intuition. Intuition is the most untaught, undervalued and underutilized life tool possessed by the human species. Intuition is the gateway to your heart, soul, body, dreams, creativity, sensuality, solutions and healing. It's everything! It's time we all started using it to it's fullest capacity!


Your body is communicating with you all the time. The aches, pains and anxiety you experience are not a form of punishment. It is your body and soul communicating to you that something needs your attention....Continue reading

Judy H | Stratford, ON

"Not only does JC have an intuitive gift, she is a kind and compassionate woman."

"Don't die with your music still in you." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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