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Spirit is Always With You

Many years ago, in the beginning of my spiritual journey, I thought in order to talk to God or Spirit I had to designate a special time and place to meditate or pray. I would close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing, wondering if I was doing it right. Instead of my breathing helping me to connect it was actually distracting me. The clock would tick louder than usual. I could hear my cat scratching in the litter box as if it were digging to China. Thoughts would intervene of all the things on my to do list. My nervous energy would eventually overtake me and I would give up and move on with my day no further to enlightenment than when I started.

As time went on my meditative practices became more focused and refined but here's the thing; I caught myself talking to Spirit at various points in the day. In the shower, doing dishes, when I woke in the morning, when I was in tough situations at work, whether I was happy, sad or frustrated. I realized that I was constantly communicating and receiving information and answers to my questions. I realized that Spirit was always with me like family, partnering with me in all that I do. I came to see that I did not necessarily have to get into a meditative state to talk to God. That the Divine does not exist in some far off and unattainable place. That they were actually integrating their existence with my own and were at my beck and call.

Now don't misunderstand, I believe meditation is essential to the human species particularly at this time in our increasingly turbulent and tumultuous society. Meditation and prayer keeps you calm, clear and grounded. What I'm saying is that meditation never has to stop. It can be 24/7. That's right. Anytime is the right time to connect with Spirit whether you're in a deep meditative state or whether you are picking up the kids or grocery shopping. There is no right or wrong way to pray and connect with Spirit. You have access to Spirit 'always, in all ways,' as quoted by Neal Donald Walsh from Conversations with God. It's up to you. You can follow a meditation or find your own unique way, place and time to connect.

This knowledge has helped me as a medium and psychic. I used to go through a big clearing and meditative process before beginning with a client. Then one day I heard Spirit say, "We're right here, you don't need to do all that. You are connected". Spirit told me to take a brief moment to quiet and clear myself from the day and to simply let them know when I was ready. Being brought up a Christian, I was taught a more formal process to prayer but it felt more natural to talk to Spirit like I would talk to my best friend. Having said that, it does take practice for this kind of constant connection especially with today's distractions. The biggest thing to remember is that Spirit is not separate from you and is a constant companion. We are a society that likes to compartmentalize everything including God and the time, place and manner in which we pray. There is no right or wrong only what feels right. Practice different ways to see what comes most naturally to you.

Last but not least, you are most receptive to messages from Spirit when you are in a state of love and appreciation. You would not always call a friend when you were only upset, angry and down. So try not to limit your prayer and meditation to when things are going wrong and you need something. Take time to communicate to Spirit your gratitude and appreciation for all the things that are going well.

So no more excuse of not having time to pray or meditate. Spirit is with you always, in all ways. As a Spirit being yourself, you need only stop and listen and you will hear them say, "We're right here".

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