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Dealing with Emotional Pain

Let yourself sit with your emotions and be alright with them. You are always justified in your anger, sadness, frustration and various emotions but perhaps not always in the way you think. There is a reason why you act out the way you do. Your reaction is not wrong but your interpretation of it might be. Very often what or who you are reacting to is triggering some emotion or memory within your subconscious. It is almost always an old program running within you that thinks it's protecting you in some way. But in essence it is simply not serving you anymore. Understanding your emotions can help you understand and calm the way you react to people and circumstances.

The other thing about emotions is that when people are acting emotional towards us we automatically take it personally. We take it as an attack against our character and what we stand for. When in fact the person doing the attacking is really attacking themselves and their own insecurities. So the issue is not always with you, it is with them. Sure, you play a part in it because you're mirroring back to them what they don't like in themselves and vice versa. But their issues are not your issues and your issues are not theirs. If you really look into the other person you can see yourself and you can see the lessons more readily that need to be learned from them and the situation itself.

Emotions, negative or positive, are never wrong in any way. Emotions just let you know that something is not balanced and needs your attention. The more that emotion or memory is overlooked or denied the more it will persist. If you don't open the door to its persistent knocking it will eventually kick the door down forcing you to deal with it. The whole point here is to address the emotion before it kicks down your door and all hell breaks loose. That's part of the learning lesson. Nothing more nothing less. So you see, life doesn't have to be that bad and doesn't have to be that complicated. It should make you happy to know that your body and your higher awareness is always communicating with you to let you know when you are off balance. So the next time an emotion comes knocking simply answer the door and ask, ‘how can I help you?”

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