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JC's original Art & Music


Music, art and anything creative can heal, empower, create connection and strengthen the human spirit. They also bring peace and harmony to a chaotic world. They strengthen and give people hope for a better life and a more promising future.


JC's music, art and upcoming videos focus on overcoming personal struggles and the human condition. They are a story of her life experience, thoughts and feelings that she desires to convey to inspire hope, empowerment and healing. She encourages everyone to find their creative outlet to find peace and harmony within and to experience the joy that comes with sharing their unique gifts with their community and even the world.

Intuitive Readings and Coaching help Creatives unlock their true creative potential by releasing personal barriers and false beliefs that hold them back. Find out more >>

JC's Original Songs - Acapella 

JC's Original Paintings

JC's Graphic Design Portfolio 

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