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The song below is about how I felt after my doll Myrtle suffered a terrible fate one day. There was an accident where she got a huge tear on her forehead and as a little kid I didn't know what to do. Everyone said she couldn't be fixed and I was devastated. But in the end everything turned out well. Take a listen.♥

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Join JC and Myrtle for some wild adventures! Myrtle was JC's favourite rag doll growing up. They did everything together and have so many stories to tell! Now they are making new stories and songs together as they travel around Peterborough area having new adventures and meeting new friends!

Stay tuned for upcoming events in the Peterborough area! Or contact JC if you would like JC & Myrtle to come to where you are and put on a show!


Coming Soon! Videos of JC & Myrtle on some crazy adventures!

If you would like more information or would like to book the JC Smit & Friends show, please contact JC.♥

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