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Making Spiritual Health a Part of Your Practice

Readings & Healing Therapy Services | JC Smit


Currently our society focuses on three aspects of health and wellness which are emotional, mental and physical health. But there is one missing, spiritual health. Even though spirituality is gaining popularity, it is often used as a sprinkle of sugar on top of our lives, or used as a fashion statement or status symbol. The truth is, that out of the four aspects of health, spiritual health is actually the main support system, the driving engine that determines our quality of life.



Spiritual health and wellness is all about the connection and relationship that you have with yourself, with the world and that which created it. It is your sense of purpose and place in this physical existance. It is also about connecting with your spirit, the divine non-physical part of you that is the essence of who you are, your true being. The goal of spiritual wellness is to awaken the human to the truth of their divine nature and to integrate these two aspects of human and divine in order to bring about realization or Enlightenment. The overall objective of the enlightened human is to create a new consciousness that will better serve humanity, eventually bringing the world into alignment and long awaited peace and harmony.



Readings not only give you insight into your life situations, they help you see yourself and the trajectory of your life more clearly. It brings up and releases emotional issues and trauma that can block the flow of energies within you which can create physical conditions and even illness. You start to come into alignment which is the path to Enlightenment. Readings can open you up to fresh new perspectives you had not considered. It can give you peace of mind so you can just let go, relax and just enjoy life.



I have spoken with naturopaths and other practitioners that say their treatments sometimes fall short because their clients are in such mental and physical anguish that treatments or adjustments just 'don't take', so to speak. Readings can help your clients get to the root of the issue and release the resistance that is holding them back in their life and may be preventing them from fully receiving your treatment.


Readings can be a value added service that can benefit your client or patient in so many wonderful ways. Readings can be offered as a one time event or can be offered as monthly or weekly sessions. For more information, please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!

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