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Intuitive & Creative Healing & Coaching

Personal & Group Sessions

Intuitive readings are far more than just obtaining answers in regards to life’s most difficult questions. All the answers and desires you seek are actually within you. So readings open up the client to their own intuition so they can see who they truly are and can gain new perspectives in all areas of their life.


Readings are for all ages and can help in all areas of your life. Find answers and guidance with:

· Feeling ‘stuck’

· Depression and lack of self worth

· Dropping old habits and patterns 

· Relationships - all types

· Life purpose and passion

· Physical conditions and illness

· Career and education

· Finances and lack of abundance

· Fear of failure

· Life changing decisions

· Connecting with deceased loved ones

· Death and bereavement

· Blocked emotions and energy 

· Behavioral problems

· Phobias and more.

Learn about How Readings Work

Intuitive Healing

Energy Work & Therapy

The energy fields of the body are the most misunderstood and neglected part of the human body. You are made up of energy as is everything around you. Emotional blocks and trauma experienced throughout one’s entire life span get stuck within these energy fields thus creating illnesses and disease. The most common of these being things like diabetes and cancer. Intuitive healing such as energy work assists in clearing these emotional blocks and trauma and restoring the body back to its natural state of peace of joy.

The truth is, is that the intuitive healer is just the facilitator to the clients healing. The real healer is the client and their openness and willingness to heal. As an intuitive healer, I raise my vibrational frequency to a high level and then the client’s body will follow suit by raising their energy levels. A higher vibration moves much faster than a low vibration allowing the stuck energy to move and clear within their body. It is the movement and clearing of the energy fields that allows the client to start the healing process whether it is emotional, spiritual, physical or all of the above.

Intuitive Coaching

Personal & Group Sessions

Intuitive coaching combines intuitive readings with energy work to uncover the blocks and barriers that hold the client back in various areas of their life. Moreover, it assists the client in tapping in much more powerfully to their own intuition and learning how to listen to the inner voice of their own soul which is constantly transmitting messages and guiding them at all times.

All that you desire and all the answers you seek exist within you, but society has taught us to look outside ourselves for love, acceptance, respect, and recognition. But you cannot expect to find love and acceptance from others until you first give them to yourself. Low self-worth and self-loathing are so prevalent in our society today that it makes it difficult to heal these inner wounds and traumas and find who you truly are and what you truly desire.

Intuitive coaching will help tune into the true you, uncovering hidden potential, talents and new skills. You will discover a brand new you and a brand new life, better than you could ever imagine.

Creative Coaching

For Creatives & Healing

JC provides two types of creative coaching. One for creative healing and for people in the creative industry.


Creative Healing

Art, music and anything creative opens,  inspires and empowers the mind, body and spirit. It creates connection with yourself and others and is the gateway to your soul, creativity and inner healing.  Tapping into your creative side builds confidence, character and inner strength and harmony. It can also open you up to new ideas and uncovers new potentials you never thought possible in your life.


Creative Coaching

Creative coaching is just like Intuitive coaching but is geared specifically towards people in the creative industry. Creatives have their own unique way of seeing and navigating the world. They are unique, sensitive souls who are always striving and perfecting  their talents, natural state of flow and potential genius. Their world can get turned upside down when they go off their creative path and get stuck. Creative Coaching uncovers the blocks and barriers that hold you back and put you back in the drivers seat of flow and creativity.

Intuitive Readings

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