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How Readings Work

Every Intuitive or Spiritual Reader has their own way of perceiving and channeling the information they receive from the Spirit world. Depending on the reading I am either very present or in a semi trance like state. How I receive the information varies from reading to reading. I never know what I'm going to get. Each person is very unique. Therefore, the reading and the way it is delivered for that person is also unique. I usually experience all of the extra sensory abilities below in any given reading:


Clairvoyant: I can see people, places, things and events. The living, the dead, the past, present and future if need be. Sometimes they come through clearly and other times they do not. When I can't see clearly that's when other extra sensory abilities kick in to assist in completing the message. But sometimes the client has an emotional block preventing the messages from coming through.

Clairaudient: I can hear the message coming through in words and phrases. Sometimes I will channel a message from a particular Spirit.

Clairsentient: I can sense and even feel the emotions and pain of others. For example if someone is ill I will feel nauseated. If someone is scared and fearful I will feel butterflies in my stomach or experience a tightness in my chest.

Claircognizance: This is when I know, that I know that I know the information I'm receiving is correct even though I may not be able to substantiate it in the moment. It may come in the form of a warning that Spirit wants me to give a friend, a family member or a client.


Who Can Get A Reading?

Everyone is welcome. I work with individuals, groups, kids, families, as well as business owners and their staff. I also work with medical practitioners and their patients.


It is best to get a reading on your own accord and not to please someone else. If you are hesitating about having a reading, I recommend waiting until you feel certain.


Connecting to Spirit

Contacting the Spirit world is not like calling someone from your cell phone. Sometimes the transmission between this third dimension and an other dimensions can be like static on a phone line or a slow internet download. It often comes through in pieces that have to be put together like a puzzle. So an open mind and patience is a virtue.


My Connection with You

During a reading I am not just connecting with Spirit I am connecting with your higher self and your current state of energy and emotions. It is your current emotional state that will determine what messages Spirit will impart. Spirit will never bring up something that you are not ready to deal with. However, what you choose to believe and how you deal with it is up to you. I'm here to help you through but remember, I'm just the messenger.


Apart from the messages that come forth, Spirit will guide me to uncover and release the emotional barriers that may be holding you back. A number of various healing modalities may be used depending on what is needed. It up to the client whether they want to go through them or not.


Be Open Minded

I channel the messages the way they come through not the way you want them. Spirits and guides don't always tell you what you want to hear they tell you what you NEED to hear. Spirit is not in habit of wasting their time nor their energy. The messages that come from them are meant for your highest good. So keeping an open mind is essential to a positive reading.


Channeling Loved Ones

Specific loved ones don't always come through. Either because you are not ready or they are not ready for a multitude of different reasons. Try to be open because it may be that another family member, friend or guide are trying to come through instead.


Readings Create Inner Awareness

The purpose of a reading is meant to give you answers, healing and peace of mind. But it's also meant to help you tune into your own inner guidance system. To become aware and pay attention to what is going on around you and more importantly inside you. To take the information Spirit gives you to help make an informed decision and/or manifest something different into your reality. That is the beauty of becoming self-aware. Once you are aware, you then have the ability to change your inner world therefore affecting the world outside you. This is the beginning of self discovery and transformation that can change your life.

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